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New start

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Well after messing about for the last three months, and emotionally eating far too often, I have crashed and burned. I still haven’t quite put it all back on, but I’ve only lost 5 pounds since I started in August, so I’ve drawn a red line under it all and restarted with my weigh in last night.

I cannot promise myself that it won’t happen again, but I am applying myself to this weight loss journey with renewed vigour, especially as my health has limited my job options recently, which I have found the most difficult thing to deal with.


I have some wonderful people helping me on a day to day basis:

Firstly is my long suffering husband who has done the photos and set up the website and will be running all the technical side of things – and he is not even charging me even though he makes his living doing this sort of thing.

Also my new Weight Watchers leader Bev Logsdon, who is a fabulous leader and inspiration, and runs a number of meetings in my local area.


Well I have been to my first weigh in and it was a massive 32 stone and 1 pounds, so I thought I would start by showing you a photo of where I would like to get to (well actually a few stone lighter as I was still over 14 stone here, but it is the lightest I have been since early childhood).

All in all I would like to get back to being a comfortable size 16, maybe even a 14 and to lose around 20 stone.


This section if for sharing recipes. I will be adding recipes as I come across them, and commenting as I use them.

I would love it if others share their recipes, so please comment or contact me to add them.

My only request is, to please ensure that they are suitable for a healthy balanced diet and if you include any information such as smart points, syns, calories etc please ensure that they are accurate. (I reserve the right to remove any recipes that do not comply with this)


My wonderful new car

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My husband let me swap my Ford Focus C-max for a lot less practical, but fantastic. A Beetle Cabriolet in diesel.

I love it, and it’s wonderful to drive too.